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The Vibram FiveFingers Glossary

We understand that it can be a daunting task choosing the right pair of Vibram FiveFingers, so we have pulled together a fairly minimalist overview of the current Vibram FiveFingers, in a bid to educate enough to pick the style that is right for you.

Running in alphabetical order, from Alitza to VI-B. We have also created a nifty table (toward bottom of page) to illustrate which styles are best for each activity.

Alitza (main uses: Indoor training, yoga, pilates, leisure)

Available for women only

The Alitza is a beautifully crafted ladies’ shoe that is built on Vibram’s Maxi-Feel sole. This ‘barefoot’ shoe is great for indoor training, and is so light, it is a perfect travel companion.

BIKILA EVO (main uses: Road running, treadmill, gym & fitness classes)

Available for Men and Women.

First Release in 2014, the Bikila Evo is an evolution of the hugely popular Bikila and has since been renamed the V-Run.

The Bikila Evo features an Eva midsole making it a great shoe for those looking to transition from conventional running shoes into minimalist running shoes. This cushioning also suits those that plan on running long distances, helping to reduce fatigue and be more forgiving when you running form dips during the latter stages of racing.

EL-X (main uses: Gym, treadmill, road running, indoor training)

Available for men only

Released in 2013, the EL-X has been a massive hit, mainly due to being the thinnest Vibram sole to date. The EL-X is very versatile, and will cope with almost anything. Ideal for running, for the gym, and for leisure purposes. There is no fastening mechanism (the lace-up version is called the KSO-Evo), so the upper fabric hugs your foot like a glove to keep the shoe firmly on your feet.

KSO Evo (main uses: Road running, treadmill, gym, leisure and casual)

Available for Men and Women.

Released in 2014, and built on the same sole as the super-popular EL-X, the KSO Evo is a versatile, lightweight minimalist shoe that forms part of vibrams Maxi Feel range. You can use the KSO Evo for all sorts of activities from running and gym use, to slack-lining and general leisure / everyday.

VI-B (main uses: light gym work, leisure)

Available for women only

Inspired by ballet flats, the VI-B is new for 2014. Built on the maxi-feel sole, the VI-B is very minimalist and nimble, providing great ground feel that will serve you well in the gym and for leisure use.