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Lee Firman

Who Controls the Feetus Machine?

The chances are, if you speak with us by email, chat, or over the phone, you’ll get through to Lee Firman. If you read one of our blog posts, it is highly likely it has been written by Lee. And if you’ve received an order from us, there is a probability it has been picked, packed, and despatched by Lee.

Lee Firman in Pyrenees

Lee Firman is the guy from A multimedia graduate, a sport enthusiast, and a travelling addict. 

"I first started wearing Vibram FiveFingers back in mid-2009. I had suffered a bad knee in the January of 2009 whilst running along the Cleveland Way (North York Moors). It had been a very cold winter and the track was cambered, hard-packed ice. My stubbornness to continue resulted in a knee injury that plagued me for the whole year. Physiotherapy didn't help, so I started to explore other means of recovery and a way to run injury-free. 

Living beside a sandy beach, I have always ran a lot barefoot, but didn't realise the true benefits until I fully immersed myself in barefoot running - and adopted Vibram FiveFingers for the occasions when I required more 'protection' from the terrain. 

Since then, I have never looked back. I still run barefoot; I still wear Vibram FiveFingers; and (apart from slipping on black ice on the bike), I am injury-free - and will continue to be as long as I'm a runner!"

Lee set up in early 2013 with the core aim to get more people in to running, and more specifically, in to injury-free running – whether it be barefoot or not. Lee spends most of his spare time tidying up after his kids, dreaming about faraway places, and getting up to mischief in the great outdoors.

You can read more about Lee Firman on his blog ‘Outdoor Firmo’, here: