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What Customers Think of Ever stumbled across an online store; you like their prices, the site has a nice feel, but you have never heard of the company and it might just put you off? I have. What’s the next thing you do? You might type in Google: “customer reviews of website x” to see what other people think … Continue reading

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Sad News For Haribo Lovers

Haribo boss Hans Riegel dies at 90 The boss of German gummi bear maker Haribo has died aged 90. As a customer of, you will know that we always like to throw in a free treat in with your box of shoes. All orders over £50 get a free Feetus ‘Fappa’ anyway, but almost always, you will get a … Continue reading

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Haribo is famous for its delicious gummi bears

Who Are Vibram FiveFingers? Past and Present.

Many of us see Vibram FiveFingers and think ‘Vibram? They’re a new brand. I don’t know whether to trust these or to stick with Nike / Adidas / Asics / New Balance / etc [delete as appropriate]. But Vibram have been around a long, long time. In fact, Vitale Bramani founded Vibram the same year that Dame Shirley Bassey was born; … Continue reading

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Hardmoors 30: The New Years Day Hangover Cure. 2013

Ran the Hardmoors 30 on New Years Day. What a race! Glorious views! Great people! …and it didn’t even rain! Really enjoyed the first 10 miles, though by starting too fast, I only had myself to blame for my 20-mile demise. After scoffing a few jellybeans and a pink doughnut at the checkpoint at Robin Hood’s Bay, mile 13, I … Continue reading

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