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Monthly Archives: October 2013

BRAND NEW Xero Shoes Sensori Venture 20% OFF

Pre-Order Your Sensori Venture with 20% off …and save a further £3 off 2nd-class shipping with code XEROFREE Please Note: The Sensori Venture are due to land at mid-November OFFER ENDS 31-OCTOBER-2013 Simply click the advert below and off you go! ALSO: Save 20% on the original Xero Shoes 

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Getting Creative: Chia Charge Flapjack with Chocolate & Almonds

We’ve still got several SIX PACKS of Chia Charge Flapjacks that are about to run out of date (two weeks!). They need to go. We’ve been throwing them in with customer’s orders – and will continue to do so until they run out… But last night I had one of those cravings for something naughty. Luckily, I had a SIX … Continue reading

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Chia Charge Flpjack topped with chocolate and almonds

Xero Shoes Release The +One Line

Xero Shoes Continues to Evolve. What Next? Yesterday we shared with you Xero Shoes’ new kid on the block; the Sensori Venture. A barefoot huarache-style sandal with a 5.5mm sole, a revolutionary (patent-pending) lacing style, and an attractive design that will certainly prove popular in the coming year. But Xero Shoes have another card up their sleeve. And this card … Continue reading

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Xero Shoes Logo

Xero Shoes Release The Sensori Venture

Xero Shoes Expand Their Product Range with the Sensori Venture Xero Shoes have sold over 46,000 huarache-style sandals since 2009. They are worn throughout the world by people running, walking, trekking… even skydiving, rafting, travelling… You name it – Xero Shoes have done it! And now Xero Shoes are releasing a brand-new style to their armoury – and one that … Continue reading

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Xero Shoes Logo Bring Luna Sandals to the UK

Luna Sandals: Now Available in the UK We’ve got some great news. You no longer need to order your Luna Sandals from America (and subsequently pay over-the-odds on shipping fees, then customs and duty charges). That’s right. Luna Sandals are now available from your favourite barefoot and minimalist running specialists, “Have You Read Born to Run?” If you’re reading this, … Continue reading

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Sad News For Haribo Lovers

Haribo boss Hans Riegel dies at 90 The boss of German gummi bear maker Haribo has died aged 90. As a customer of, you will know that we always like to throw in a free treat in with your box of shoes. All orders over £50 get a free Feetus ‘Fappa’ anyway, but almost always, you will get a … Continue reading

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Haribo is famous for its delicious gummi bears


The 60 second workout. Guaranteed to get you a 6-pack. A sixpack of Chia Charge flapjacks, that is. Bargain price, with 72% off… £2.49 (plus postage). GET THEM QUICK – Limited quantities – Just one order per customer.

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Are you a design whizz-kid?  Would you like to win £100 for designing a logo?  We are proud to announce that we are launching a sister company. ‘FirmAppa’ (short for Firm Apparel) will be launching before Christmas 2013, and will specialise in the manufacture of multi-functional balaclavas (aka neck tubes). But first… We need a logo – and that’s where … Continue reading

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FirmAppa Logo,

Running Food’s Chia Charge Flapjack: 41% Off

The World’s Best Flapjack is at a bargain price at Running Food’s Chia Charge Flapjack is just 89p at, and there’s gotta be a catch, right? Right. The BBE on these super-fuelling wonder bars is 03-November-2013, giving you 31 days to get through them. Interested? Click on the image below: 

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David Beckham in Underwear and Vibram FiveFingers

Many of you will have seen the recent David Beckham photos on the news and the tabloids this week. He’s been shooting a new advert for H&M, and was seen running around in his underwear on the rooftops in London! What many of you probably didn’t notice is what was (or wasn’t) on his feet!! While Golden Balls appears at … Continue reading

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