Competition: SOCKS in the BOX – Have a Guess!


Injinji socks sell like hot cakes at It’s not surprising either, as Injinji toe socks are relied up by many, many pro athletes to help them top the podium all around the world. And contrary to what many people think, they are not just ideal for wearing them with Vibram FiveFingers – You will benefit from wearing them for running regardless of the footwear you wear – be it barefoot, minimalist, or mattress-sprung!


All you have to do is take a look at the image, and GUESS how many socks are in the two boxes (the big one and the small one by ADDING YOUR COMMENT TO THIS POST.

Strictly one guess per person and we’ll run this silly competition until midday Friday 3rd May 2013, when we will announce the winner.

Box of Injinji Toe Socks
Two Boxes – But How Many Socks?

Interested in buying some Injinji toe socks? Click here –   MORE LINES TO BE ADDED SOON (Once we’ve opened these two big boxes!!)

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